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What does Facebook know about you?

By Jordan Sanders | November 9, 2021
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Facebook, like Google, is a website with many interesting and relevant features that a large portion of the world’s population find useful.  This is evidenced by being the third-most visited website on the Internet according to Alexa (behind and  This level of usage puts Facebook in a similar position as Google for…

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Common Browser-based Network Attacks

Common Browser-based Network Attacks and How to Avoid Them

By Jordan Sanders | February 16, 2021
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Day by day, we do more and more through our web browsers.  We perform daily work tasks like checking and sending email, visiting websites to learn about news in our chosen fields, and work in web-based operational systems all through our browsers, and outside of the office, we use those same browsers to check our…

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Popular Open Source Software Licenses

The Purpose and Scope of Popular Open Source Software Licenses

By Jordan Sanders | August 4, 2020
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What is a Software License? Software is an interesting thing.  Whereas we can touch, move, give, and generally interact physically with most useful things, software is different.  It’s intangible.  However, the benefits it brings are clear and make a huge impact on our daily lives.  Commonly, there are no special agreements entered into when we…

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team chat software

5 Tips to Bring Any Team Together with Software

By Jordan Sanders | March 16, 2020
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Software provides remarkable potential for new abilities and for flexibility around nearly everything in our lives these days.  In no sphere is that more true than in a collaborative team environment.  Whether a team’s mission is to deliver value to customers through providing the highest quality products and services for the best prices or their…

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What is Linux

What is Linux, and Why Would I Want to Use It?

By Jordan Sanders | December 16, 2019
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What’s an Operating System? You’re probably familiar with Microsoft Windows or Apple’s Mac OS X.  Windows and OS X are a special type of software called an Operating System (OS for short).  The purpose of an OS is to function as a sort of foundation for other software to run within.  If the OS were…

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What does Google know about you?

By Jordan Sanders | October 15, 2018
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Our daily lives are increasingly lived online.  Whether we read the latest news, shop for new items, or simply stream videos or music, many of the activities we enjoy on a frequent basis are either exclusively online or have large online components.  Almost all of those things are trackable. According to, is the…

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