IT Consulting Services to End the Overwhelm

Making IT Decisions Alone Can Feel Daunting. Let Us Help.

We’ll help you develop an information technology consulting business plan customized for your business’s unique needs.

We help you identify:

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    The right technologies needed for your business plans

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    New technologies relevant to your business or industry

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    The useful life of your current technology investments

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    The necessary capital requirements to support your IT needs

We’ll help you make the most of your IT with our:

  • Expert software evaluations
  • IT consulting for budgeting and planning
  • Advice based on 35 years of experience

IT Stress is Hurting your Business

Managing IT is complicated. In the planning process, just identifying the best IT services and products can be overwhelming. You face an array of software and hardware options--how do you know which to choose?

Often, pricing is unclear and can sometimes feel like a bait and switch tactic.

Navigating the options on your own can be downright frustrating. Once you decide on services and software, implementing everything into your business can be a headache as explanations and solutions can be unclear and filled with techy jargon.

Are you

  • IT managed service Collierville, TN

    Tired of the IT decision overwhelm?

  • IT managed service Collierville, TN

    Frustrated with IT customer support that talks in technical jargon?

  • IT managed service Collierville, TN

    Unsure where to even start with IT?

  • IT managed service Collierville, TN

    Experiencing unexpected IT costs?

At SandStorm IT, we believe that your IT strategy’s planning, decision-making, and implementation can be successful and low stress. You should be running your business -- not managing and worrying about your IT.

As your IT consulting service provider, our team of experts will work with you at every stage of the IT process to ensure that you’re making the best decisions for your company. Whether you’re developing an acquisition plan or trying to budget for IT, we can advise and direct you to make the right decisions. Once a plan is in place, we can serve as a go-between for third-party vendors to ensure that you’re getting the answers and service you deserve.

We partner with you, so technology helps your business run smoothly instead of hindering your success.

Our services include:

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    IT Budget Planning

    Our budget planning will help you avoid unexpected IT costs in the future. Servers, desktop computers, laptops, network devices, and telephone systems all have an expected useful life that should be considered in strategic and capital planning. Our IT consulting will provide insights and expertise to help you create an accurate technology component to your strategic business plan.

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    Third-Party Software Evaluations

    We can serve as your trusted partner when you’re considering software for your business. identify and document the business processes and other requirements you need automated, and then identify the list of providers who can potentially deliver the best solution for those needs.

    At SandStorm IT, our IT consulting services can help you wade through the marketing speak and understand exactly what the software will do for you. We can also offer custom software solutions with a fixed price upfront for your specific requirements and needs.

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    Third-Party Go-Between Support

    Does it ever seem like technology people use a foreign vocabulary? That’s why we provide a "go-between" support with you other technology providers. We can intervene on your behalf and ensure that whatever issue or question arises, we’ll explain everything in common terms so you can clearly understand the issue.

Manage Your Technology with
a Trusted Partner

At SandStorm IT, we believe that managing your IT doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ll partner with you to help you:

Make important
IT decisions

Navigate third-party
software issues

Proactively budget for
IT needs

Evaluate software and help you find the best fit for your business

We're here to help you plan the technology behind your company's future with our IT consulting services.

Take the First Steps in a Trusted Partnership to Help Manage Your IT

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    Schedule a Needs Assessment.

    Set up a free needs assessment to discover how our IT consulting can help you make the right decisions for your business.

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    Get recommendations.

    You’ll receive a customized proposal outlining how our consulting services can help your company.

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    Solve Your Problems.

    Once we partner together, you’ll get a plan that helps you make important IT decisions.

Your Technology Decisions are Important — Don’t Make them Alone

At SandStorm IT, we know how important it is for your business to run efficiently and securely. Unfortunately, a failure of technology can stop your business in its tracks, causing you a lot of stress and costly downtime. It’s critical that your technology work as it should, and we understand how overwhelming IT decisions and management can feel.

Your business should have the trustworthy IT support and expertise you need. For nearly 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of clients by making sure technology makes their business better, not sidelining it.

We know that technology decisions are important, and that’s why we offer IT consulting services in the Memphis area.

When we asked our customers if they would choose SandStorm IT services again, 97 percent of those surveyed said they would choose us again based on value, reliability and trustworthiness, promptness, and quality of work. And more than half of our new clients are from referrals alone.

We’ll work to deliver solutions to your technology problems so your business has the technology it needs to succeed.

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sandstorm for their IT needs

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SandStorm IT is a managed IT service provider based in Tipton County. We serve West TN, Memphis, and just about anywhere your company may be located. Our managed IT services are customized and include anti-virus/anti-malware, managed backup services, hosted email, server hosting, and much more. Through remote and in-person support, we deliver solutions quickly and efficiently. We serve customers with friendly support, proactive monitoring, and a team of experts. With outsourced IT management, your company’s technology will help your business run smoothly instead of hindering your success.