Cloud Backup Solutions: Peace of Mind for Your Small Business

When it comes to backing up your business’s data, you can never be too careful.

Did you know that less than 10% of businesses back up their data each day? What would happen if your business lost all of its critical data and information? Could you recover quickly? SandStorm IT has cloud backup solutions that will keep your business up and running even if the worst happens.

Our team of experts at SandStorm IT will develop and implement an effective plan that will:

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    Give you peace of mind

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    Ensure the continuity of your business no matter what happens

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    Protect and secure your crucial data

Only One Mistake Can Lose Your Data.
Are You Prepared?

Without a managed cloud-based backup, your business could face serious disruptions or, in some worst-case scenarios, total failure. Also, security breaches and downtime can erode consumer trust in your business.

Do you:

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    Wonder if your backups are being done properly?

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    Have concerns that backups aren’t always happening?

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    Know how to revert to a backup if a failure occurs?

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    Stress because critical data is not backed up?

With rapidly changing security threats to your data, it’s crucial that you find a solution that protects you. Without a cloud backup for your small business, your data could be vulnerable to

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    Malware and Ransomware attacks

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    Human error

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    Power surges or fires

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    Natural disasters like earthquakes or tornadoes

When it comes to backing up your business’s data, we believe that you can never be too careful. Your data is invaluable, and we provide solutions with that in mind. At SandStorm IT, we’re committed to finding a customized solution, so you don’t have to worry about data loss. SandStorm IT manages the backup and ensures that all data and files are backed up successfully and consistently.

A System Failure Won’t Be Stressful with Our Cloud Backup Solutions

Cloud Storage Solutions

SandStorm IT offers simple, affordable cloud backup solutions for small businesses. Private cloud hosting provides backup and increases productivity through convenient file sharing with your team or clients.

Fully Managed Backups

You no longer have to worry if your data is fully backed up. SandStorm IT manages your backup and ensures that all data and files are backed up successfully and consistently.

Off-Site Data Storage

Redundancy in data storage can provide you with an additional level of confidence. With our off-site data storage services, your data won't be destroyed, even if your primary location is damaged due to tornadoes, floods, fires, or even a leaky roof.

Your company can't afford lost files and crashed systems. We can help you prepare for just about anything with a custom contingency plan. With cloud-based backup or off-site data storage solutions, you can get back to normal operations by quickly restoring lost files after a system failure, power loss, or even worse.

With a cloud storage system from SandStorm, you’ll enjoy:

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    Greater productivity through convenient file sharing

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    Backups that are monitored for success

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    Protection from malware and ransomware attacks

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    Peace of mind that you’re protected from physical site damage

Take the First Steps to Protect Your Valuable Data

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    Schedule a Needs Assessment.

    Set up a free needs assessment to discover how we can protect your data even if the worst happens.

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    Get recommendations.

    You’ll receive a customized proposal outlining how our data protection services can help your company.

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    Solve Your Problems.

    Once we partner together, you’ll get a customized data backup solution coupled with fast, friendly, and knowledgeable support.

You Deserve Complete Peace of Mind with Your Data Backup

We know how important your technology and data are. Downtime and lost data cost your business money, time, and maybe even customers. That’s why we offer effective solutions to plan, implement and monitor the backup of your important data. Our team of experts will ensure that your backups are done consistently and properly, so you don’t have to worry about it. A cloud-based backup can help you minimize losses and speed recovery from even the worst of disasters.

Your business should have the trustworthy IT support you need, exactly when you need it. For nearly 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of clients by making sure technology is making their business better, not sidelining it.

Our customers always receive prompt and friendly support. When we asked our customers if they would choose SandStorm IT services again, 97 percent of those surveyed said they would choose us again based on value, reliability and trustworthiness, promptness, and quality of work. And more than half of our new clients are from referrals alone.

We’ll work to deliver solutions to your technology problems to make your business more secure and make IT stress just a memory.

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