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8 Common IT Security Risks Facing Your Business

By Jeff Fowler | June 7, 2022
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In today’s rapidly changing business environment, cybersecurity threats to small businesses are becoming more common than ever. With the wide array of threats, your business needs to be prepared on all fronts. In this post, we’ll cover 8 of the most common IT security risks to your business and how Managed Services can assist with…

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How an IT Business Continuity Plan Can Help You Navigate a Natural Disaster

By SandStorm IT | May 10, 2022
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If a natural disaster happens, will your business be sidelined for weeks or months?? What happens if your office building is leveled by a tornado? Flooded? Catches fire? Hopefully, that will never happen. But, could your business survive if it did? Do you have an IT business continuity plan to help you weather the storm?…

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Disaster Recovery Steps Everyone Should Take When They Experience an IT Crisis

By SandStorm IT | May 3, 2022
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If you’re reading this blog post, you may be in the middle of a disaster recovery crisis. Natural disaster. Ransomware attack. Hardware failure. Whatever the cause, you might be facing a serious threat to your business’s data and operations. Or better yet, maybe you’re taking a proactive approach to your IT and drafting a disaster…

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How A Managed IT Service Provider is a Smart Move for Your Business

By SandStorm IT | April 12, 2022
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If the worst happened, could your business survive? Do you have a plan for ransomware attacks, fire, power outages, or natural disasters? If not, it might be time to hire a managed IT service provider. In a perfect world, we’d be able to avoid these types of events completely. While that’s impossible, taking the proper…

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4 Ways Managed IT Services Will Save You Money

By SandStorm IT | March 29, 2022
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As a business owner, you never stop asking this question: Will this decision provide benefits that outweigh the cost? So what about managed IT? Is it a cost that will be a drain on your bottom line? Or is managed IT support an investment that’s actually worth it? Compelling data shows that managed IT can…

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costs of cybersecurity breaches

5 Costs of Cybersecurity Breaches and How They Impact Your Business

By SandStorm IT | February 15, 2022
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Accounting for more than $12 billion in total business losses, the costs of cybersecurity breaches are impacting businesses’ bottom lines more often than ever. The cost of a single data breach averages $149K. With a price tag like that, it’s no surprise that some businesses close their doors after an attack, unable to recover from…

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Backups: Is my data safe when EVERYTHING goes wrong?

By Matt Ballard | October 11, 2021
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What would you do if your data was gone, without any kind of warning? How would that impact your life or work? Catastrophes happen in life, often unexpected and uncontrollable. The loss of personal or business data could definitely be considered a catastrophe for most people. Natural Disasters A very recent example is the hurricanes…

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Software

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Software?

By SandStorm IT | May 11, 2021
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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is software that monitors traffic and prevents sensitive data from leaving your network. Sensitive data could be something as simple as social security numbers or be something as complex as business documents or data that contain proprietary trade secrets. How is DLP used? The most common location for DLP software is…

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Hardware/Uptime Monitoring

What is Hardware/Uptime Monitoring?

By Robert Cleveland | April 20, 2021
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Hardware monitoring is a feature of the motherboard, sometimes as a separate chip on the motherboard, that monitors different aspects of the system. for potential issues. It can measure variables such as the output voltage of the power supply, the speed of the fans that are connected directly to the motherboard header, and the internal…

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Network Attached Storage

What is a Network Attached Storage?

By Jeff Fowler | September 15, 2020
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As your data storage needs expand, you will inevitably outgrow traditional external USB hard drives and shared folders. There’s a huge cost difference between using shared folders/external drives versus having a dedicated file server. Luckily, there’s another option that fills the gap between those options nicely, and it’s a Network Attached Storage device. It’s more…

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