Never Worry About Data Breaches Again with our IT Security and Compliance Services

We’ll Help You Secure You and Your Customers’ Data

Our team of IT security specialists is ready to help you out with any security issue you may be experiencing. Whether it's support for HIPAA Compliance or a thorough IT risk assessment, SandStorm IT can audit and correct any issues.

Our managed it security services will provide you with:

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    Audits to identify problems you may not even know exist.

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    Solutions for getting into compliance with complex regulations.

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    Strategies for securing your network and infrastructure.

Your Customer Information and Network Security May Be at Risk

HIPPA and PCI regulations are designed to protect your customers’ privacy and personal information. No one wants their customers to be at risk for potential fraud or identity theft. But even with the best intentions, a business can struggle with compliance. The process is complicated and confusing, and it can be difficult to determine if you’re in compliance.

Also, many of the business owners we’ve talked to have serious concerns about cyber attacks. These attacks are rapidly changing and growing more and more sophisticated. It’s hard for the average business owner to keep up.

The level of expertise needed to understand these complex regulations and growing security threats is significant, and most business owners feel ill-equipped to address them.

Our IT security services team can help you avoid the variety of problems that can affect you and your customers’ data and information.

Our regulatory experts can audit your compliance efforts. If they’re not in compliance, we can help you implement solutions to protect your customers’ data.

We’ll also conduct an IT security audit to identify threats to your business. Then we’ll create an IT security policy to protect your business’s data from external security threats and other potential risks that could include technology, structural, natural or even human factors.

We can develop a personalized IT security policy based on your compliance and security needs. We’re committed to helping you have the confidence that you and your customers are protected.

We offer the following services:

IT Risk Assessment

We’ll help you identify and manage potential issues that could negatively affect your business's IT infrastructure and future. SandStorm IT can help gauge the likelihood and propose solutions to mitigate potential risks, including technology, structural, natural, or even human factors.

PCI Compliance Support

SandStorm IT has the expertise to assist with PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance audits and compliance correction issues. PCI Compliance is required for any merchant with a merchant ID, whether credit/debit cards are processed online or in-store.

HIPAA Compliance Support

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance -- designed to protect sensitive information about healthcare patients, can take a lot of time and resources to manage. SandStorm IT can perform an audit or help correct compliance issues.

Network Security Testing

Your network is under daily attack from security threats like ransomware, identity theft, data interception/theft, and more. As your trusted IT security consultant, SandStorm IT can address your network security issues with a custom solution.

Stop worrying about security and compliance with managed IT security services.

Stay in Compliance

Our IT security services team can audit your business for compliance and then help you fix any identified issues. Staying in compliance has never been easier.

Identify and Manage
Potential Risks

You can’t eliminate the risks to your IT infrastructure, but you can prepare for them. An adequate plan gives you confidence that you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Maintain Strong
IT Security

Our IT security services will help make anxiety about ransomware and hackers a thing of the past by creating a strong security plan.

Resolve Your Compliance and Security Issues in Just a Few Simple Steps.

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    Schedule a Needs Assessment.

    Set up a free needs assessment to discover how we can keep your company’s information secure and compliant with HIPPA and PCI.

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    Get recommendations.

    You’ll receive a customized proposal outlining how to protect your company’s sensitive data.

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    Solve Your Problems.

    Once we partner together, you’ll get work with our friendly and reliable IT security services team to protect you and your customer’s data.

Your Data is Invaluable.
You Can Trust Us to Secure It.

We understand how important it is to protect your business’s data and your customer’s privacy. But regulatory compliance and security issues are complicated to understand and time-consuming to implement. Your business should have a trustworthy IT security consultant so you have confidence that your information and data are secure.

Whether it’s a compliance issue or a security issue, our IT security specialists will ensure you have the guidance and support you need from someone you can trust.

For nearly 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of clients by ensuring technology makes their business better, not sidelining it. When we asked our customers if they would choose SandStorm IT services again, 97 percent of those surveyed said they would choose us again based on value, reliability and trustworthiness, promptness, and quality of work. And more than half of our new clients are from referrals alone.

We’ll work to deliver solutions to your technology problems to make your business more secure, and IT stress a memory.

Why business choose
sandstorm for their IT needs

huffman cpa | Millington, TN

SandStorm IT helps me sleep at night because, with all of the potential data security issues, we need someone watching our back. Any breach would affect my reputation and ability to continue in business—so it's extremely important that our data is safe!

Bethany Huffman
Bethany Huffman, CPA

huffman cpa | Millington, TN

Searching for an IT Security Specialist? We Can Help.

Never worry about data breaches again. Give us a call and we’ll work with your team to make sure your data is secure and your systems are compliant.

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