Disaster Recovery Services for Your Peace of Mind

There’s Enough to Worry About When a Crisis Hits — Data Loss Shouldn’t Be One of Them

If the worst happens, will you be able to run your business? What happens if your office building is leveled by a tornado? Flooded? Catches fire? If the worst happens, will you be able to run your business??

Hopefully, that will never happen. But could your business survive if it did?

Disaster recovery is all about planning for the worst, so if it does happen, it can be managed.

We can develop an IT disaster recovery plan to prepare your business’s technology for when the worst happens. We will provide you with information about various options, and you can make an informed decision about what works best for your business and budget.

An effective plan for backup and disaster recovery will:

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    Give You Peace of Mind

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    Ensure the continuity of your business no matter what happens

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    Protect and secure your crucial data

Could Your Business Survive a Disaster?

Without a disaster recovery plan, your business could face serious downtime and disruptions due to:

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    Ransomware attacks

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    Power Outages

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    Natural disasters

What would happen if your business experienced a total loss of data? Is your business prepared for a ransomware attack? You probably hope so. But you might be wondering if your current plan (or lack of one) is enough. You might be wondering if there’s something you’re missing as you work to protect your data.

Natural disasters and online threats are a reality in today’s business world. Data shows that in the first half of 2021, more than 1,000 organizations were hit with ransomware attacks. And any business can be a target, even small ones.

The threats to the continuity of your business are real, but with an effective IT disaster recovery plan, your business can recover with limited disruption. SandStorm IT can help you develop a plan so that when the worst happens, you’re prepared. We’ll detail the steps that your business needs to take before and after a serious event.

Be Prepared for
Catastrophe Before it Happens

Let us help you develop a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan for your technology. Your customized plan will detail the steps your business needs to take to get your IT back up and running after the worst happens.

Your disaster recovery plan - tailored to your business’s unique needs - can include:

Managed Cloud Backups

With our cloud backup solutions, you can get back to normal operations by fully restoring lost files after a system failure or power loss. Unlike other backup methods, cloud backups are replicated across multiple data centers, ensuring reliability should you need access to the backup. Cloud backups are also scalable, so no matter how fast your data storage needs grow, our backup solution can grow alongside them.

Redundant Infrastructure

With a redundant infrastructure, your entire server environment is available offsite, ready, and waiting to be called on. Redundant servers are backup copies of your servers, and the backups are never more than 24 hours old. If there is a system failure, we’re able to get your business back up and running quickly.

Documented Procedures

Have you developed a plan to respond to a disaster that might affect your business? Proactive planning is the key to avoiding long-term business disruptions. SandStorm IT can help you develop a disaster recovery/business continuity plan that details the steps that your business needs to take to get your IT back up and running after the worst happens.

Don't Wait for a Crisis — Take the First Steps in Protecting Your Data Now

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    Schedule a Needs Assessment.

    Set up a free needs assessment to discover how our disaster recovery services can protect your important data and bring you peace of mind.

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    Get recommendations.

    You’ll receive a customized proposal outlining how our disaster recovery solutions can help you develop a plan to protect your IT systems.

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    Solve Your Problems.

    Once we partner together, you’ll get a disaster recovery plan that’s right for you. Plus, we’ll implement that plan with fast, friendly and knowledgeable support.

You Deserve Peace of Mind when It Comes to Your IT

We know how important your technology and data are. Downtime and lost data cost your business money. An effective plan can help minimize losses and speed recovery from even the worst of disasters.

Your business should have the trustworthy IT support you need, exactly when you need it. For nearly 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of clients by making sure technology is making their business better, not sidelining it.

We know that when your technology is down, time is of the essence. Our customers always receive prompt and friendly support. When we asked our customers if they would choose SandStorm IT services again, 97 percent of those surveyed said they would choose us again based on value, reliability and trustworthiness, promptness, and quality of work. And more than half of our new clients are from referrals alone.

We’ll work to deliver solutions to your technology problems so your business is secure and IT stress is a memory.

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Yes. If your computers aren't working, your life is hell. They walk into the worst situations and are great about being responsive and getting us up and going. The managed service agreement is great. They can log in remotely and that makes things a lot better and easier—they don't have to come on site.

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Don’t Wait to Secure Your Valuable Data — Act Today

Are you worried about your IT if the worst happens? Give us a call and end the worry today. We’ll work with your team to develop disaster recovery solutions so you can protect your IT systems.

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