erverless (cloud) computing

What is it?

Cloud computing is a form of cloud computing that allows businesses to handle their computing needs on-demand. Cloud computing is a form of cloud computing in which applications are scaled dynamically to handle an application’s computing needs. This means that the application is only using the resources it needs to complete the task at hand. Cloud computing differs from other cloud options such as PaaS(platform as a service) and IaaS(infrastructure as a service) in that the underlying hosting platform is abstracted even further allowing for developers to almost solely focus on the development of the application and not what the application will be running on.

How is using a cloud platform different from just using on-site servers?

When using on-site servers, you will have to be sure to purchase/rent enough to handle all the needs of the application, this includes the times in which you have underutilized processing power and processing spikes that may occur infrequently but still need to be accounted for. Cloud computing gets around these common issues by dynamically scaling your application up or down with your resources needs.

As a business, the positives are obvious, you don’t spend money buying unneeded resources. Instead, you only buy what is needed when it is needed. Going to the cloud also allows a business to save another valuable resource, time. This includes the time it takes set up a server or virtual machine and the time to fulfill the various maintenance needs such as security update/patches to the OS, firmware updates, and installation of application dependencies. On top of that, running and cooling a server on-site can make a difference in your utility bill as well.

If you are thinking about using a cloud platform here are some to keep in mind: Amazon AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud functions. If you need any help getting a cloud computing solution going, please contact the experts at SandStorm IT at 901-475-0275.


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