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The Top 9 Cybersecurity Risks Facing Businesses in 2022

By SandStorm IT | February 1, 2022
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Since the beginning of the pandemic, cybersecurity attacks have increased exponentially. While we often hear about high-profile attacks like the recent ransomware attack on huge companies like Kronos, the fact is that criminals are targeting small businesses as well. Cybersecurity risks are growing for small businesses more than ever. In a recent speech about top…

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Data Breaches

Data Breaches – What you need to know

By Justin Oliver | November 25, 2019
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Data breaches have been the subject of many news stories lately. Large companies like Target, Home Depot and even Equifax have been hit, exposing millions of pieces of our personal information. It’s only normal to ask, “How do I protect my personal data?” Remember that most identity thieves are not targeting you in particular, they want…

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Data Breach

Data Breach: Macy’s customer data stolen after its online store was hacked

By Jeff Fowler | November 21, 2019
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According to Macy’s, their e-commerce website was breached in October. Hackers managed to steal information from unknowing customers as they shopped online. Overall, it’s a very scary situation that proves that data breaches can happen to anyone. Last year, online tech store Newegg was hit with a data breach that skimmed the payments page for…

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Data Breach

Data Breach: Almost 20 Million Patient’s Data Stolen in 2 Separate Medical Laboratory Data Breaches

By Jeff Fowler | June 5, 2019
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Just a few days after Quest Diagnostics reported that a data breach compromised the information of 11.9 million patients, LabCorp is reporting that it was breached as well, affecting 7.7 million additional records. What happened? An unauthorized user installed malicious code on the payment pages of the American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA), a 3rd party…

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