business on spreadsheets
Are you using spreadsheets to run your business? Frequently, we are consulted to improve upon business […]
mobile-friendly website
In 2016, worldwide, more users accessed the Internet through a mobile device, such as a phone […]
Windows Update that removes Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash, originally released by Macromedia in 1995, is a once widely used and vastly capable […]
Popular Open Source Software Licenses
What is a Software License? Software is an interesting thing.  Whereas we can touch, move, give, […]
Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet
Shortcut key combinations are designed to make it easier/faster to do certain tasks. As far as […]
Starting Out Programming
Programming. To some, it’s an art where, with a few (thousand) keystrokes, magic can happen. To […]
Protecting Data
Welcome to SandStorm IT’s 6-part series about Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). In […]
Design Tools
When getting started in digital art, there are several different programs out there that are attractive […]
back to the office
Back to School, Oops, Work! With a lot of State Governors and Local Government Leaders allowing […]
SandStorm IT has launched a FREE website for locally owned restaurants, cafes, and other takeout businesses […]