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mistakes when migrating data

What are the 5 biggest mistakes when migrating data?

By SandStorm IT | April 27, 2020
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A lot of data migrations have been occurring recently due to Windows 7 End Of Life. There are many considerations to keep in mind when you’re looking to move data between two devices, Servers, Workstations, or otherwise. With the importance of the data on most business servers and workstations, losing data in migration can be…

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TIPTONTAKEOUT.COM Launched for Local Restaurants and Businesses

By Doyle Sanders | April 21, 2020
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SandStorm IT has launched a FREE website for locally owned restaurants, cafes, and other takeout businesses ( that don’t currently have online ordering.  You can click on the “Add Your Restaurant” link on to submit your contact info and we’ll contact you for setup.  Or, you can call our office at (901) 475-0275 to…

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Managed Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware

What is Security as a Service (SECaaS)?

By John Hammett | April 20, 2020
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What is SECaaS? Security as a Service (SECaaS) describes an offering in which a technology solution provider manages both hardware and software on a monthly or annual subscription basis, with the goal being to provide an externally managed, comprehensive, and affordable IT security solution for businesses of all sizes. SECaaS solutions often include Anti-Virus software,…

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difference between managed and unmanaged backup

What’s the difference between managed and unmanaged backup?

By Josh Yarbrough | April 13, 2020
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We all know that backups are important, right? We know if something goes wrong, a backup could save a lot of recovery time and work…and possibly your business. But what is a backup really? The simple answer to that is that it is a copy of your important data. That is essentially it. But with…

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Data Encryption

What you need to know about Data Encryption?

By SandStorm IT | April 6, 2020
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You may have come across the word encryption recently in the news. It’s becoming a bit of a hot topic in the media as more and more eyes shift to covering the ever expanding world of computer crime. Governments are focusing on it to try and gain the ability to decrypt files when necessary, and…

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