TiptonTakeout.com Launched for Local Restaurants and Businesses

04/21/2020 | by Doyle Sanders


SandStorm IT has launched a FREE website for locally owned restaurants, cafes, and other takeout businesses (TiptonTakeout.com) that don’t currently have online ordering.  You can click on the “Add Your Restaurant” link on TiptonTakeout.com to submit your contact info and we’ll contact you for setup.  Or, you can call our office at (901) 475-0275 to provide your contact information and one of our team members will arrange getting you set up.

For all businesses who do not currently have an online means of taking takeout orders, we will not charge for standard setup (uploading your menu, setting up your payment method(s), or any transaction fees or charges.  You will still be responsible for any PayPal or credit card fees charged by PayPal or your bank or credit card processor.

Our intent is to keep this website FREE at least for as long as we are under local and state Stay at Home orders.  We may extend the FREE service beyond the expiration of the Stay at Home orders to provide the businesses the opportunity to “get their feet back under them” operationally.

We plan on continuing to provide this service for those restaurants, cafes, and other businesses that want an online purchasing / takeout service beyond the Stay at Home orders if needed.

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