Why must ALL of my computers be covered under an MSP agreement?

08/23/2022 | by Doyle Sanders


As we’ve spoken with current customers and new prospects about Managed IT Services for their computers, servers, and networks, occasionally, someone will ask, “Can I just put my server and a couple of the most important PCs on a Managed IT Services plan.  Our response is always (politely and diplomatically), “No, all of your computers, servers, network devices, and any other device on your network must be included.”  And, then, the typical response is something similar to, “Well, I don’t really care about those or those or those…”  To more fully understand why our response is so resolute, read on…

Many of you have likely heard the terms “Managed Services” or “MSP” or “Managed IT Services” lately.  We actually mention it quite a bit on the SandStorm IT website.  To get an understand or refresh your understanding, see this article we published last year on this website.  It really does seem to be a trend or buzzword in the IT and computer industry but it really is simple and, oh, so important.  In a nutshell, Managed IT Services are simply letting the experts take care of your computer and technology needs so you don’t have to and so that they continue to do what they’re supposed to do for you and your business…and this includes cyber security-related (computer and technology security) needs!

When you think about technology functionality and availability, you must keep in mind that cyber security is a key part.  Everyone is aware of computer viruses, Phishing scams, ransomware, data breaches, and the myriad other things lurking on the internet and across all networks, just waiting for an opportunity to pounce and take over your system.  But, there are more subtle, villains just waiting to take your data and not let you know they were even there!!

So, how is all of this relevant to the question, “Why must all of my computers be covered under an MSP agreement?”  An analogy might help explain.  When you go to bed at night in your home, how many doors and windows do you lock?  All of them, of course, because just one unlocked door or window is enough for any intruder to gain entry undetected, even if you have an elaborate security system, and have access to everyone and everything that is most valuable to you.  It is never a question that to have complete security, EVERY door and window must be secured and locked.

Your computers, servers, and network devices are like doors and windows into your business.  Even one, just one, computer, server, or other device on the network (even cell phones, Smart devices controlling your HVAC, lights, and other appliances) can be vulnerable and permit unscrupulous perpetrators to gain access and do damage or harm.

Admittedly, securing your business and technology is not the same as protecting your home and your family but I think the idea is similar when thinking about access.  You wouldn’t want to leave any door or window unlocked at home due to the risks.  The risks are similar for your business.  You wouldn’t want to leave one computer (window) or server (door) unlocked and insecure in your network.  It basically would mean no real security at all.  The perpetrators are continually looking for vulnerabilities and when they find one, they may not access it immediately but may wait for a time when they can do their damage when it is least detectable or will do the most harm.

Therefore, the decision is up to you.  Do you want real security for your business computers, servers, and networks, or do you just want fool yourself?  You wouldn’t leave a door unlocked at home at night, don’t leave one open (computer or server) at your business.

Contact us at SandStorm IT at 901-475-0275  and we will be happy to explain to you how a Managed IT Services plan can really give you some peace of mind, not only in your cybersecurity but also in the ongoing maintenance and support needs for your IT environment.

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