Why is Patch Management Important For Cyber Security?

05/23/2023 | by SandStorm IT

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Before we jump into why patch management is important, we should define what patches are and what patch management is.

What are patches?

Patches are software code fixes that repair broken functionality, add new functionality, or fixes security holes in software.  Patches have been around a long time.  You’ve likely been patching Windows workstations going back before Windows XP using Windows Update.  Also, you’ve been patching Java, Adobe Reader, and other applications over the past few years.  Patches are necessary to keep a machine running smoothly and secure.

What is patch management?

Patch management allows for the centralized management of the detection, download, installation, and reporting of patches on a computer system.  Patch management can cover operating system patches, like Windows, or third-party patches, like, Adobe, Java, Office, and many more.  Patch management automates the entire process where you are not having to spend man hours going around to every computer and manually checking and applying patches.

It is vitally important to verify your patch management solution is working as intended, making reporting a key feature in any patch management solution. With the information in these reports, we can determine  if patches are installed correctly and see any failed patch installations.

Why is Patch Management Important For Cyber Security?

As I mentioned above, patches fix security holes in software, including operating systems.  If you follow any technology news, it seems like at least once a week, someone is discovering or releasing a new vulnerability into the wild.  Patches are released to mitigate these vulnerabilities.  Why spend your time having to go around to every workstation you own trying to make sure they’re patched?  Let us monitor and manage patches for your workstations and servers for the latest Windows and third-party patches to keep your operating systems and applications updated and secure.  Our patch management solution takes the worry out of patch management.  We monitor the patch status on all of your workstations and servers to ensure that a) patches are getting installed in a timely manner and b) that if an issue occurs with the installation of a patch, we can remediate the issue quickly and often without interruption to users.

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