Managed Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware

What is SECaaS?

Security as a Service (SECaaS) describes an offering in which a technology solution provider manages both hardware and software on a monthly or annual subscription basis, with the goal being to provide an externally managed, comprehensive, and affordable IT security solution for businesses of all sizes. SECaaS solutions often include Anti-Virus software, Data Backups, Firewall Monitoring, Network Security Management, and annual Vulnerability Scanning. SECaaS can also include e-mail security such as Data Loss Prevention, Spam Filtering, and E-Mail Encryption; Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services; Internet Content Filtering; and leased Cybersecurity Hardware, such as Firewalls and Secure Wireless Access Points.

The world of cybersecurity is constantly changing, and it can be very difficult for businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses, to maintain a comprehensive security solution. With SECaaS, businesses are buying peace of mind, and can dramatically reduce the workload of their in-house IT Department. Today, we are going to look at a few key areas where SECaaS provides great value to businesses.

Network Security Management

Perhaps the biggest single piece to the IT Security puzzle is network security. Network equipment, depending on device type, brand, and feature set, can be very costly, and very difficult to maintain and monitor. Additionally, firewalls and wireless access solutions are constantly evolving, and given the large and continuously growing number of options to choose from; picking the best equipment for your company can also be difficult. A SECaaS provider can simplify every aspect of this process, offering lease or purchase options for comprehensive, future proof firewalls that can grow with your company and a fast, truly secure wireless access solution that offers excellent coverage throughout your facility.

Endpoint Security Management

Another important offering from SECaaS is a centrally managed, monitored antivirus and patch management solution. With this, SECaaS providers can ensure that every computer on your network has comprehensive antivirus software installed and that the antivirus has all the latest updates installed. It also ensures that all computers are receiving the important security updates for their operating system as well as installed software. SECaaS can alert your IT Department immediately upon the discovery of malicious software, or if a computer is missing security updates, so that corrective action can begin in a more timely fashion.

Email Security

On the topic of email security, SECaaS providers can offer email filtering services and secure messaging. Email filtering works to reduce the amount of spam delivered to your business email accounts and can also help block messages containing malicious content. Secure messaging provides a secure channel to send and receive messages over the internet. Unlike traditional email, which is sent completely unencrypted, secure messaging technologies, such as Cisco’s Registered Envelope Service, or Microsoft’s Office 365 Message Encryption, encrypt email traffic end to end to prevent exposure of potentially confidential data during transit.

Data Security

Data security encompasses everything from data backups and encryption to business continuity and disaster recovery to Data Loss Prevention. A SECaaS provider can offer managed and monitored on-premise or offsite backup solutions, data encryption software to protect data at rest, and Data Loss Prevention technologies that monitor data while in use or in motion and work to identify and minimize the risk of exposing potentially sensitive information. SECaaS providers may also offer Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning as a service.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

To both test the security solution being provided and help customers prepare for a compliance audit, many SECaaS providers offer preliminary penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. Penetration tests help to identify weaknesses in network infrastructure and vulnerability scanning identifies weaknesses on computers and servers. These problems are usually compiled into a list and given to the customer to act on. Some SECaaS plans may even offer an analysis of the results and remediation assistance. These services aim to make PCI and HIPAA compliance processes easier and less time consuming for the customer.


Security as a Service can help businesses of all sizes have a comprehensive IT security solution at a fixed price, and simplifies the complex and rapidly changing world of IT security. It will help reduce the workload of the organization’s IT department, help the organization prepare for security compliance audits, provide better visibility of the security efforts in place within an organization, and increase employee productivity by maximizing computer uptime. If you’d like more information about SECaaS, please contact the cybersecurity professionals at SandStorm IT at 901-475-0275.