How can selling in a 3rd party marketplaces help my business?

10/28/2019 | by SandStorm IT


When it comes to partnering with a third-party marketplace, the most appealing aspect of it is the multiple benefits you can get when you join. For one, there are so many products out there designed to help start and grow a business. Because of this availability of platforms, they are easier than ever to use. The simple user interface makes it easy to build a custom site or fill in a pre-designed template, with little to no coding knowledge required. In addition to this, some sites boast 24/7 support.

When looking at Squarespace for example, their support page shows guides from domains to how to upload images, and even marketing, amongst others. It’s easy to get on board with a platform knowing they will help with any problems you might experience.

What are the benefits for me?

Another great benefit is the perks that come with new services. For example, most sites offer a free custom domain with membership, SSL security to protect sensitive information online, storage space, mobile responsive sites, and more. When you get to the higher tiers of service, you can get promotional google credits for ads, lower transaction fees, discounts on shipping labels, and more detailed analytics.

Not only do these sites help your business reach a larger audience and are easier to use, but they also give the opportunity for growth. When it comes to selling online, there is no limit to what you can do.

Do I have any options?

Some examples of these marketplaces on the web today include Squarespace, Shopify, Amazon, and many more. Each one offers different things for different price points and all offer free trials for deciding if they are right for you:

  • Shopify offers the basics for a starting company at $29/month. This includes hosting, 24/7 support, and site customization, as well as some added features.
  • Squarespace is another big one. They have four different price points depending on what level you’re at. The starting price is $12/month for a ‘Personal’ account, which includes all the basics for getting started. The most advanced option at Squarespace is $40/month and includes all of their added perks, including a 0% transaction fee online.
  • Amazon is another notable site. With it being one of the largest online retailers on the web today, selling on Amazon can bring a big boost to sales. To sell here, you can do either one of two options. One is great for selling a few items per month, and highly recommended for those starting a new business venture. The cost for the smallest plan here is $0.99/sale. The professional plan however, is $40/month and is better for selling a larger volume amount of products.

There are so many more options out there, each with different levels that are made for all different sized businesses.

Is this right for you?

Using a 3rd party market is a good way to boost your business. When it comes to online shopping, more and more people are switching to it, and with good reason. There are a lot of benefits and options when it comes to selling online, and when it comes down to it, is the perfect stepping stone to start growing your company. After all, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks and with so many sites out there, it’s easy to find an option right for you, there is no reason why not to start.

If you need help with 3rd party marketplaces or boosting your business’s ecommerce, give the experts at SandStorm IT a call at 901-475-0275.



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