Ready for Outsourced IT Management? 10 Signs to Know if You’re Ready or Not

03/08/2022 | by SandStorm IT

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When you hire a company for outsourced IT management, it might be one of the most important business decisions you make. Without robust cybersecurity and proactive IT monitoring, your business could face serious disruptions or, in some worst-case scenarios, total failure. Also, security breaches and downtime can erode consumer trust in your business.

Outsourcing IT is a partnership that can be incredibly beneficial, but not everyone is ready to outsource their IT.

Is it the right time for your business to outsource? Here’s a list of indicators that you’re a good candidate for outsourcing.

5 Ways to Know You’re Probably Not Ready for Outsourced IT Management

1.You think you will no longer have IT problems.

Outsourcing IT can’t eliminate problems, but it can help you identify potential issues and proactively respond to them. IT service management will monitor all aspects of your IT for potential problems before they happen. While an IT company may be able to significantly reduce downtime and the implications of a security breach, there’s still potential for malicious attacks on your network.

2. You aren’t willing to spend staff time on training.

True cybersecurity involves not just firewalls and antivirus software, but it also relies on each member of your team taking careful precautions to prevent cyber attacks. A single click on a malicious link can open up your entire network to a ransomware attack. Cybersecurity is a team approach, everyone has to be committed to following best practices. If you’re not willing to commit to consistent and ongoing staff training, an IT company will be hampered in its ability to protect your data.

3. Your internal IT department is functioning well.

If you have a reliable, dedicated internal department that can handle the IT demands of your business, that’s fantastic! An in-house team is generally more costly than outsourcing IT; however, that may be the best approach for your company.

4. You aren’t worried about being a victim of hacking or a disaster.

If you’re willing to take the chance that your business won’t get hit by a cyberattack or natural disaster, then an investment in managed IT support may not be a priority. That said, we’d caution you that any business can be the victim of a ransomware attack. Hackers are increasingly focusing on smaller businesses because they know there are likely to be fewer cybersecurity safeguards in place.

5. You’re not willing to trust the experts.

Outsourced IT management is a partnership. If you find it hard to trust someone else with that aspect of your business, then it’s probably best that you handle IT in-house.

5 Indications It’s Time for Outsourced IT Management

1. You want to spend more time serving customers instead of worrying about IT.

You’re in business because you’re passionate about the service or product you are selling. But you may be finding that IT is consuming a lot of your time and resources. Outsourced IT management will allow you to get back to doing what you love, while someone else manages your IT.

2. You want to work with experts who stay on top of changing cybersecurity risks.

We hear it time and time again, business owners are stressed that they don’t know what they don’t know – especially about cybersecurity. Or your IT staff person may do well managing basic day-to-day tasks, but they lack the depth of knowledge or time to keep up with ever-changing cybersecurity threats. We’ve compiled the biggest cybersecurity threats for 2022 here.

3. You cannot afford a full-time IT department.

You value cybersecurity and the role of IT in your business, but you can’t afford a full-time IT department. Outsourced IT management is an affordable solution for you. Best of all, as your business grows, an IT company can scale with your business.

4. Your IT needs exceed your in-house capacity.

Your IT staff may be overwhelmed with the demands of your growing business. Outsourced IT management can work hand-in-hand with your current staff to help you meet IT needs. Even with a fully-staffed team, at times you might need additional expertise or manpower for a special project. Find managed IT support that offers a customized solution for whatever level of service you need.

5. You are ready to invest in that side of the business.

You are finding that technology is a huge drain on your limited time, and know that your business can’t move to the next level without IT service management. Your business’s success relies on:

  • 24/7 monitoring services to reduce downtime
  • Cybersecurity protection
  • Reliable data backups

You know a failure in any of these areas can be extremely costly for your business, so the investment in managed IT support is worth it.

Is Outsourced IT Management Right for You?

Now that you’ve examined the reasons to outsource and the reasons not to outsource — you probably have a good idea of what’s best for your business. The good news is that SandStorm IT is here to help. Feel free to call us at 901-475-0275.

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