2018 In Review and 2019 In Our Sights

01/09/2019 | by Doyle Sanders


Key  events / Milestones / Accomplishments in 2018


As we look back on 2018, there were quite a few key events, milestones, and accomplishments along the way.

  • Dozens of New Customers joined the SandStorm IT family, including:
    • Mattress Distributor & Retailer (WMS Inventory System, Managed Services, New office technology setup  & VoIP Phone System)
    • Medical Device Depot and Logistics Company (Software Support, Managed Services, E-Commerce Website)
    • An Opthamology Office (Office technology setup, Managed Services)
    • An Industrial Equipment Company (Premium Website Design)
    • A Biotech Company (VoIP Support)
    • An HVAC Service Company (Managed Services)
  • Tipton County Government selected SandStorm IT for the county-wide VoIP telephone system
  • Growing the team – We added 3 new team members
    • Full-time Technology Solutions Consultant / Sales in July
    • A software developer  – soon to be U of M Computer Science graduate
    • An Infrastructure Tech – a local U.S. Navy veteran
  • SandStorm IT moved up to #10 and #12 on the Memphis Business Journal List of Largest Interactive and Largest IT companies 
  • Launched a new version of our website to provide more information for our customers and website visitors including 60 new, original blog posts from SandStorm IT team members.  We are committed to continuing to create original, valuable content every week on our blog.  Visit often to see what’s new!
  • Added 7 new cubicles to fillout the office space
  • We strengthened our Managed Services offering to existing and new customers, saving money, time, headaches, and business interruptions
  • Our software work grew to over 40% of our total revenue
  • We celebrated our 25th Year serving our great customers in Tipton County, West Tennessee, and the Greater Mid-South region


What’s Ahead in 2019


Managed Services


As we begin 2019, we are anticipating some great things happening with and for our customers.  As we continue to share the value proposition of our Managed Services offerings, we expect to help our customers optimize their technology budgets and spending.  Additionally, we strongly believe the proactive nature of Managed Services will improve our customers’ business processes due to reduced interruptions and issues arising from unexpected computer-related problems.  Expect to see more about the value, the benefits, the improved security, as well as the many more reasons why a Managed Services solution could be right for your business or organization.


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)


More and more of our customers, as well as future customers, are discovering the potential savings and high quality of a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution as a compelling option for them.  VoIP solutions now have equal quality and uptime to the traditional “Plain Old Telephone Service” (POTS) from telecommunications providers.  Using an existing internet connection, a VoIP system provides high quality, digital voice signals, which means it sounds great.  The SandStorm IT office uses a VoIP solution.  If you would like to see a VoIP system in action, just give us a call or drop by the office.  We’d be happy to demonstrate it as well as explain the benefits of converting the telephone system for your business or organization.  The Tipton County Government has entrusted SandStorm IT with the VoIP phone system in the County Government offices.


Custom Software


SandStorm IT has already delivered many custom software solutions for local businesses and organizations.  The applications include a wide range of business functions including:

  • Employee Hiring and Onboarding
  • Training Management System (TMS)
  • Learning Management System (LMS) – ask us the what the differences are between a TMS and an LMS
  • Job Tracking System
  • Ticket and Service Dispatch Management System
  • Timeclock System with Payroll Integration
  • Construction Superintendent Project Reporting System
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management System
  • Route Delivery System
  • …and many more

We also integrate existing software applications with other software applications.  Why?  To eliminate the need to manually re-enter information out of one application into another.  Just think about how many times you export data from one program into a spreadsheet, then manipulate it, and then have to re-enter the resulting data into another program.  SandStorm IT can automate processes like that for you, saving you time, money, and mistakes so you can better serve your customers.  We find that many of our customers are not even aware of what is possible.  Call us and we’d be delighted to discuss with you how we can help.




We are proud of the fact that SandStorm IT is the ONLY technology company in Mid-South area that can provide solutions and support for 100% of your business technology needs.  Try us, we’ll prove it to you!  SandStorm IT is as committed as ever to providing THE best support for any technology issue you might encounter.  We realize you and every other business and organization has choices for who you rely on for your technology needs.  Our goal is to be your trusted technology partner you can count on and know will always put your interests first.  We are committed to always doing the right thing in every situation and that includes telling you that you may not need to spend your budget on certain things if they will not provide value or benefits for you.  That way, when we do tell you that a solution will provide value and benefits, you know you can believe and trust us to always look out for your best interests!

The team at SandStorm IT is excited about the opportunities to work with all of our current and future customers in 2019.  Small business is the machinery that runs our economy.  All small businesses account for over 99% of all of the businesses in the United States.  They create and account for the majority of all jobs in America.  Being a small business ourselves, SandStorm IT is committed to helping as many small to medium-sized businesses as we can to be the best they can be for their customers, their employees, and their communities!


The entire SandStorm IT team wants to wish everyone a very prosperous and Happy New Year for 2019!


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