Is Windows Defender good enough to protect me?

07/26/2021 | by SandStorm IT

Windows Defender good enough

The ever threat of viruses, hacking, and security threats are evolving everyday. So many people think to themselves “How can i protect my computer?” There are a lot of different opinions of anti-virus out there. Over the past several years there has been new programs that will help block viruses. But with so many programs out there no one really knows which is good or what they really need. One anti-virus, not new to the game but has risen through the ranks is Windows Defender.

Now, Windows Defender was originally released back in late 2006. at that time there wasn’t to many reputable anti-viruses out there and Windows Defender wasn’t on that list. It rated towards last on that list. But through out the years with the new operating systems that come out Windows Defender has made a leaps and bounds from when it was originally released. Not all anti-viruses are the same.

If you are a basic computer user i.e. checking emails and few websites the protection that Windows Defender give you will be just fine. Basic Windows Defender security agent monitors your computer for a malicious activities while programs auto-start, system configurations, Edge Add-ons, Services and Drivers and application execution are just a start. But Windows Defender only works as well as your windows updates are. Viruses are changing month to month, day to day. Virus definition files are updated in Windows Defender through windows updates. You can set windows to automatically check for its updates everyday.

What’s the best Anti-Virus protection?

Now the best anti-virus you can get is through a paid anti-virus. These will update their definition files sooner and have better monitoring of your computer than any free anti-virus will offer. But again if you are just a basic PC user Windows Defender would work just fine to protect you. For any issues regarding Windows Defender, anti-virus, Windows updates or anything else IT related, call SandStorm IT at 901-475-0275.

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