How can a multi-site “Voice over Internet Protocol” (VoIP) solution benefit your business?

11/01/2021 | by Justin Oliver

multi-site VoIP

Legacy public branch exchanges (PBX)s present a multitude of challenges if your business has multiple locations or remote users.  A VoIP PBX solution can address many of those challenges. Multiple public branch exchanges (PBX)s to maintain, multiple bills from different tel-co providers, multiple systems to learn and train with, and multiple administrative portals all add to the headache.

Often, most disconnected systems do not allow your customers to reach your employees via a single company phone number. Another issue is that employees have to tie up multiple phone lines for office-to-office phone calls.  The lack of an interconnected system affects communication and collaboration, which will negatively affect your company’s mission and objectives. A multi-site VoIP solution can address these challenges.

Let’s talk about some of the features and benefits of how a multi-site VoIP solution can help with your multi-site deployment:

  • Reduces costs associated with having multiple telephone line providers and multiple bills by consolidating to one provider
  • Allows you to leverage the latest communications technologies such as unified communications
  • Makes it easier to support inter-office communication
  • Gives clients one phone number to call, regardless of physical location
  • Reduces training associated with different phones and different systems
  • Simplifies office re-locations
  • Potentially reduces long distance charges
  • Provides a unified business identity for your clients no matter where your employees are

In summary, migrating to a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution can reduce the complexity, maintenance costs, and management challenges presented by a disjointed telephone system solution.

SandStorm IT is proud to be the telephone partner for Tipton County Government. With 9 locations and over 20 independent offices, this is clearly a complex multi-site deployment. We can help, call 1-901-475-0275 if you are planning to expand or find yourself maintaining a legacy telephone system.

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