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Wireless Access Points versus Wireless Network Repeaters

Wireless Access Points versus Wireless Network Repeaters

By SandStorm IT | October 27, 2020
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When building an extended Wi-Fi network, there are two methods to extend coverage to areas with poor signal quality: Wireless Access Points and Wireless Network Repeaters (also called Wireless Network Extenders by some manufacturers). In this post, we’ll cover exactly what each device is and how each one works. What is a wireless access point?…

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ALERT: Is My WIFI affected by the WPA2 KRACK?

By SandStorm IT | October 17, 2017
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If you’ve seen the news over the past 24 hours, you’ve probably heard about the WPA2 KRACK.  You may be asking, what does all of this mean?  Is it really as bad as some people are portraying it to be?  Does this affect me?  The simple answer is yes, it is pretty bad and if…

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