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RansomWare and What You Should Do Now!

By SandStorm IT | May 15, 2017
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Several of SandStorm IT’s customers have asked what can be done about the current rash of ransomware virus infections, and, specifically the WannaCrypt, or commonly called the Wanna Cry virus.   What is “Wanna Cry”? BREAK WannaCrypt or “Wanna Cry” is a ransomware virus designed to make your data inaccessible and to then extort money, funds,…

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SandStorm IT – Major Site Update…

By Jeff Fowler | January 26, 2017
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SandStorm IT has made some MAJOR content updates to prepare for 2017. As you dig deeper into our site, you’ll notice quite a bit more content has been added. The biggest changes have occurred in: We’ve added a Blog to cover topics of interest. Our Services section has been restructured with content. The About page has been…

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