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Are you still on a workgroup network?

By SandStorm IT | September 27, 2022
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A business computer network can be identified as either a workgroup or domain network. There are many benefits to moving into a domain network, and today we’ll cover some of the more important aspects of why you should consider making the move. How do I know? First off, there are a couple of methods to…

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Apple computers immune to infections

Are Apple computers immune to infections?

By Josh Yarbrough | September 20, 2022
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“I’ve got a Mac so I don’t have to worry about viruses“. Have you ever heard someone say that before? Being in the tech industry, I know I have heard it many times. It either makes you roll your eyes or maybe consider replacing the ol’ PC with a sleek to new Apple. But what…

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Business Wi-Fi 101: Every “thing” You Should Know

By Jeff Fowler | September 13, 2022
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Business Wi-Fi isn’t as simple as setting up a basic home wireless network. How your Wi-Fi is configured is very important, from a security and customer experience standpoint. You need to account for many more variables, such as the number of clients, coverage area, and many more things. In this post, we’re going to go…

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physically clean my computer

How often should I physically clean my computer?

By Jeff Fowler | September 6, 2022
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Most PC components have heat sinks which basically distribute heat evenly along a larger surface area to allow to the faster dissipation of heat, much like the radiator in your car. You’ll often notice these on the CPU (Typically the largest heat sink), video card, motherboard, RAM and other components. Fans move cooler air across…

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