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Don’t Fall for It! How to Tell If an Email Is a Scam

By SandStorm IT | May 31, 2022
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When we get an email from a prince in a foreign country asking us to wire money, most of us identify that scam pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the world of scam emails has become much more sophisticated, and not everyone knows how to tell if an email is a scam. Now hackers are using malicious links…

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3 Practical Ways to Keep Your Business Safe From Hackers

By SandStorm IT | May 24, 2022
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If you’re seeking ways to protect your business from hackers, a layered approach to cybersecurity is a non-negotiable foundation for your strategy. Much like how the house on the street with floodlights, security cameras, and an alarm system is not an easy target for burglars, we’ve found that businesses with multiple cybersecurity strategies in place…

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Three Crucial Times When Managed Cybersecurity Can Save You Money

By SandStorm IT | May 17, 2022
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Could managed cybersecurity actually save you money? Is the cost of implementing cyber security actually worth it? Is it possible that cybersecurity costs could actually pay for themselves? The answer is — yes! We’ve seen time and time again how managed cybersecurity has protected a business by helping to minimize the costs that will arise…

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Disaster Recovery Steps Everyone Should Take When They Experience an IT Crisis

By SandStorm IT | May 3, 2022
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If you’re reading this blog post, you may be in the middle of a disaster recovery crisis. Natural disaster. Ransomware attack. Hardware failure. Whatever the cause, you might be facing a serious threat to your business’s data and operations. Or better yet, maybe you’re taking a proactive approach to your IT and drafting a disaster…

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