Month: May 2020

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Design Tools

4 Awesome Design Tools for the Aspiring Digital Artist

By Jeff Fowler | May 18, 2020
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When getting started in digital art, there are several different programs out there that are attractive to new users. A few are completely free, but most of the software is premium (paid). Having the correct software can greatly increase the quality of the output and efficiency of the artist. For example, you “can” technically use…

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back to the office

Going Back to the Office? Now what?

By Doyle Sanders | May 4, 2020
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Back to School, Oops, Work! With a lot of State Governors and Local Government Leaders allowing their  Coronavirus / COVID-19 / “Stay at Home” / Quarantine orders to expire or reissuing less stringent ones, I’m sure many of us are actually getting excited about getting back to work or at least getting back to our…

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