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Data Breach

Data Breach: Macy’s customer data stolen after its online store was hacked

By Jeff Fowler | November 21, 2019
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According to Macy’s, their e-commerce website was breached in October. Hackers managed to steal information from unknowing customers as they shopped online. Overall, it’s a very scary situation that proves that data breaches can happen to anyone. Last year, online tech store Newegg was hit with a data breach that skimmed the payments page for…

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Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives, are they worth the expense?

By Matt Ballard | November 11, 2019
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Some people may not be familiar with the term Solid State Drives (SSD). Wikipedia defines a solid state drive as being a storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. A solid state drive differs from traditional hard disk drives in that they do not contain any moving components or…

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keep running Windows 7

How much longer can I keep running Windows 7?

By Josh Yarbrough | November 4, 2019
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With the End-Of-Life date coming soon for Windows 7, It’s inevitable that the beloved Windows Operating System is dying. It has that all too familiar terminal illness called End-of-Life. Microsoft has announced that it is pulling the plug January 14, 2020 on the version of Windows that most of us have come to prefer over…

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